Face recognition technology.

What we do

Facenote provides biometric technology for retailers to identify their customers providing new store experiences as loyalty rewards, personalized discounts and facial payments. Facenote is 100% opt-in , privacy respectful and very easy to install at stores.

No special store hardware required

Facenote can register your customer selfies over a simple tablet kiosk or recognize them using a regular camera.

100% Opt-In

We value privacy over all. Customers decide to participate and be recognized by sending a selfie.

Fast training

Less than 2 seconds to remember new customers in real time.

Simple call-to-action

You define what experience your customers will receive by providing a personalized call-to-action.

Multiple locations

Customers register once, and can be recognized at all your participating locations.

In-store data

Complete analytics dashboard to understand your customers, engagement and data.

One of our core values

Privacy first

As a user, you should decide where you want to be recognized, depending on the benefits, and what information you want to share.

Who we are?

Meet our team

We are passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Eduardo Rivara


Entrepreneur, Tech strategist, CTO, Web & mobile developer. Artificial intelligence and machine learning advocate. Passionate about face recognition technologies.

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Mariano Costanzo


Startup founder, experienced IT manager and full stack software engineer. He covers every aspect of site development and mobile apps. Passionate about VR, IOT and giving back to the community.

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Sheila Gonzalez

Creative Director

Advertiser & Influencer marketing specialist. Passionate about social media and creativity. Sheila covers every aspect of our communications and finding the perfect implementation

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Kostya Kostyushko

Chief Architect

+20 years experienced startup founder, IT manager, Infrastructure manager & full stack developer. Passionate about computer security and scalability.

Brands and companies that trust in us

Customers & Partners

VISA Everywhere finalist 2018 VISA Everywhere Audience Favourite 2019 VISA Everywhere 3rd place 2019
VISA Everywhere finalist 2018

Let's work together

We can find a solution for your customer recognition needs.

Let us know and our team will contact you to help you out finding a solution that fits your needs.