Facenote is a team of passionate people looking forward to creating a new identity verification standard, based on decentralized technology that guarantees a fully secure path to contactless experiences.

The team

Eduardo Rivara


Mariano Costanzo


Susan Akbarpour

Board of Directors

Stanford MS in Management
Candou Ventures Partner

Meka Millstone-Shroff

Retail Advisor

Independent Board of Directors
Neiman Marcus Group

Todd Barasch

Events & Media Advisor

SVP Business Dev Academy of
Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Sheila Gonzalez

Customer Experience

Facundo Monpelat

Software Engineer

Ansh Arora

Software Engineer

Patricio Raffaele

Business Development MX & CA

Jorrit Koop

Financial Advisor

Chief Financial Officer

Allium Lending Group

Kostya Kostyushko

Security Advisor

Nicolas Garcias

Customer Success Advisor

Vice President Operations
& Customer SX Zippedi

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