Facenote is a team of passionate people looking forward to creating a new identity verification standard, based on decentralized technology that guarantees a fully secure path to contactless experiences.

The team

Eduardo Rivara


Mariano Costanzo


Susan Akbarpour

Board of Directors

Stanford MS in Management
Candou Ventures Partner

Meka Millstone-Shroff

Retail Advisor

Independent Board of Directors
Neiman Marcus Group

Todd Barasch

Events & Media Advisor

SVP Business Dev Academy of
Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

Sheila Gonzalez

Customer Experience

Facundo Monpelat

Software Engineer

Ansh Arora

Software Engineer

Patricio Raffaele


Jorrit Koop

Financial Advisor

Chief Financial Officer

Allium Lending Group

Matías Marcó del Pont

Software Engineer 

Kostya Kostyushko

Security Advisor

Exequiel Abreu

Lead Designer

Nicolas Garcias

Customer Success Advisor

Vice President Operations
& Customer SX Zippedi

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