Decentralized facial recognition, the easiest way to ensure biometric data flow and encryption.

Face Token is the first NFT that stores  your customer’s biometric identity in the blockchain. Improve your in-store customers experiences by providing an exclusive access to a world of digital opportunities.


Decentralized, reliable, and secure infrastructure to ensure face recognition experiences while staying compliant with current privacy regulations.


Your customer’s facial profile and private information is owned only by them, and always at their own control.


Full transparency through blockchain immutability, allowing you customer to easily verify his on-chain private biometric data.

Enhance your customer’s in-store experience

Integrate Facenote biometric facial recognition technology with your existing store devices to enrich your customer journey. Allow your clients to pay with their face, unlock acces to different venues, get proof of purchase tied to their biometric profiles and more.

Show your customers
you care about them

Personalized experiencies are becoming the norm. Give your customers a unique buying experience by matching their biometric profile with their purchase history, integrating our technology with your CRM.

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