Face token is an SDK that enables organizations to provide identity verification processes in a private and secure way.

Face Token effectively decentralizes privacy, giving the end users full control over their biometric consent, while keeping the organizations fully compliant. 

Introducing Face Token SDK

Face Token is the first platform that decentralizes biometric verification, enhancing user privacy, full control and organization compliance.

  • Digital onboarding

  • Face 2FA for fraud prevention

  • Face payments 

  • Face login

  • Face check-in

  • Contactless loyalty experiences.

Face Token SDK services


– Digital Onboarding
– National ID verification
– Loyalty Programs
– Events


– Biometric Fraud Prevention
– Online Face 2FA
– Logistics
– Proof Of Attendance

RECOGNITION (1 to many)

– Face Payments
– Face Login
– Face Access
– Face Loyalty