We are building the decentralized face recognition experience of the future, today.

At Facenote, we aim to enable organizations creating outstanding face recognition experiences in a completely secure and fully compliant way

Introducing Face Token

Face Token is the first NFT that stores biometric identity and user consent in the blockchain. Face Token effectively decentralizes privacy, giving the end users full control over their biometric consent, while keeping the organizations fully compliant. 

How can your organization use it?

Face Token validates your customer biometric data, allowing them to execute in-store actions such as face contactless payments, contactless access to locations with Proof of Attendance, loyalty experiences, or even use their digital profile in the Metaverse.

Our technology in a nutshell

Your selfie and id are matched as a face profile
and minted as an

Your face identity completely owned by you

Your anonymized face profile
is synced locally to
approved locations

Securely decentralized

On recognition,
an action intent is created
for payment, access or rewards

Private action requests

The action intent is pushed
API call) to the location,
matching your id and KYC data

Payment, access
or rewards completed

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